If you are a true romantic at heart, or you’re just looking for a cool place to visit with your partner, we have found just the spots for you. 

Although it is not primarily known for its romantic side, North America is a vast land with many special sites and landmarks. After trekking across this fine continent on the hunt for love we have nailed down the 7 most romantic places in North America

Come take a trip with us and drift away into a world of romance and travel…its good for the soul don’t you know. 

#1. Montreal


The vibrant beating heart of Quebec, on Canada’s east coast. 

While Toronto handles Canada’s business, and Vancouver organizes her diet and exercise routines, Montreal has some more pressing matters to attend to. In Montreal, things such as brewing nice coffee, appreciating fine art, and of course, being romantic takes precedence over all the more utilitarian matters. 

As one of the oldest and most culturally rich cities in North America, Montreal is a treat for visitors looking for a romantic getaway. Its French soul infuses all aspects of everyday life and accounts for the air of magic found in this the most European of all North American cities.

Most Romantic Spot: The top of Mount Royal: a fine lookout point for all young lovers.

Most Romantic Citizen: Leonard Cohen

#2. New Orleans


Another romantic North American city, another strong french flavor, are you seeing the connection here? The packed balconies of New Orleans vibrant French Quarter make up one of the most exciting neighborhoods in the whole USA. 

The air is teeming with jazz, art, and of course…romance. They say that if you can’t have fun in New Orleans, you can’t have fun anywhere. Now that sounds like a place to visit. 

The beautiful, St Louis Cathedral, looks like something out of a fantasy movie, and Bourbon Street is world-renowned for getting down. There are fewer better places than this to let your love blossom. 

Most Romantic Spot: French Quarter

Most Romantic Citizen: Tenessee Williams

#3. New York


Why do you think so many songs and films and stories are set in this amazing city? Because NYC is a special place. Its true, New York is a special place with a tough exterior – but underneath that tough exterior is a soft center with a romantic charm.

The landmarks and tourist sites are too numerous to count, it doesn’t matter anyway because simply setting foot on those famous long boulevards is enough to get the spirit-stirring. There is an endless supply of things to do and for any kind of budget and interest, so whatever romance may mean to you, NY has got you covered. 

The big apple is known to inspire people. Everyone from Bob Dylan to Jay Z has felt the creative and romantic power of this one-of-a-kind city, and for that reason, it makes our list. 

Most Romantic Spot: Central Park

Most Romantic Citizen: Marisa Tomei 

#4. Austin

Austin, Texas is known as the live music capital of the world! Bold claims, but this wonderfully eccentric city has the sound and fury to back it up. Also a hotbed of comedy and theatre, it’s a real performance type of city.  

Romance comes in many forms and in Austin, it is most likely to come in a wild adventure through its famous country, blues and rock bar scene. What about the theatre of Junk and Zilker Park? This is a scratch beneath the surface city with wonder to be found in unexpected places.  

Austin is a tourism hotbed, the city averages 27.4 million visitors a year all looking for a piece of that charming, exuberant Texan attitude. The city’s own motto is “Keep Austin Weird” so it’s a very particular kind of romance we are looking at here…but romance nonetheless. 

Most Romantic Spot: Zilker Park

Most Romantic Citizen: Janis Joplin

#5. Nashville

Going down South again for another romantically inclined American city. The connection between music and romance is unquestionable after all the archetypical song is the love song and Nashville, Tennessee has created some of the most epic music the world has ever heard. 

Just like New Orleans, the streets of Nashville are filled with music. Couples can a saunter down Honky Tonk Highway listening to live performances by all the up-and-coming musicians making their way in the town.

When Broadway Street lights up at night, and the bars sing their tunes, Nashville is one of the most romantic cities around. There are many historical tourist attractions too, such as the Grand Ole Opry and the Parthenon, but don’t spend too long in one place cause there is so much more to see. 

Most Romantic Spot: Broadway

Most Romantic Citizen: Dolly Parton/Taylor Swift

#6. Mexico City

Mexico’s capital is the most populated city in the whole of North America, so when it comes to the whole plenty of fish in the sea analogy, it really rings true here. Whether you are looking for love or looking to celebrate the love you already have, Mexico City welcomes you with open arms.  

The City’s historic center offers an overabundance of stimuli; from food to music, shopping, art, and entertainment, there is so much going on in this busy city. The Zocalo and the Chapultepec offer more quiet places to visit with some green space and air to breathe.

The city is vast and there are so many people to meet that you will find fun and adventure wherever you lay your hat. Spanish speaking visitors may find it easier to settle in than non-Spanish speakers but everyone who comes here has some kind of romantic experience. It is impossible not to. 

Most Romantic Spot: The Zocalo

Most Romantic Citizen: Frida Kahlo

#7. Chicago

Chicago Skyline and Railroad System at Night. Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Just like New York, the windy city of Chicago has a rough exterior. On the surface, you have a brash and electric world of concrete and steel. However, beneath you find a diverse cultural mixture that makes an exotic kind of city. After several nights in town, the charm of Chicago becomes undeniable.

Some of the United States’ finest museums are in Chicago, not to mention the sporting mecca that is Wrigley Field, whatever you like doing as a couple there is an abundance of activities for you to indulge in. Deep dish pizza anyone? 

Chicago is really a great city to rekindle your love, with its Art Deco flair and overall history it makes a great setting for lovers. Take a boat ride on the Chicago River or a nice romantic walk along the shores of Lake Michigan. Enjoy!

The heart of North America beats as strongly as ever. We have listed the top 7 most romantic cities here, but many more have just as many romantic activities to enjoy. For all you romantics and travelers, we hope we have inspired you to take that romantic trip you have been considering sometime soon.

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