In Brief

  • Established in 1980
  • Branches in 15 of the United States
  • Over 3.5 Million members
Competitive quotes
Website easy to use
Coverage limited to 15 states

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About Molina Healthcare

Molina Healthcare is an American health insurance provider. They offer insurance coverage for residents of 15 of the United States including California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin. They currently have over 3 million members.

Molina is the brainchild of Dr. David Molina, a medical practitioner based out of California who noticed a problem in the American healthcare industry. Molina grew tired of the lack of sufficient healthcare coverage that was available to the immigrant communities of California. By the time 1980 rolled around he had decided to something about it, hence Molina Healthcare was born.

Today Molina Healthcare has a worldwide workforce of over 20,000 people. In addition, its annual revenue is now in excess of $20billion.

Within the 15 states that Molina operates in, they have amassed a network of over 1 million affiliated medical practitioners. Customer reviews are generally positive, and the price range on Molina policies is below the American average. 

While there is some variation in the plans that are available from State to State, on the whole, Molina offers a comprehensive set of benefits and services. Finding quotes and making claims is all possible through the Molina website. Once a user has become familiar with the website making claims becomes easy.

Pricing & Plans

Molina offers a very versatile product range from which customers can pick and choose the options suited to their needs. As you might expect, the more options you include in your policy the more expensive it becomes.

As base level plans, Molina offers 5 different options, but each of these can be customized in different ways. The five plans – Minimum, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum – provide more than enough options for customers looking to find the perfect plan. 

The Minimum plan – a.k.a the catastrophic plan – has the client pay the deductable themself before the coverage kicks in to pay the rest.

They have an easy to follow website, and equally impressive mobile app available for customers to find resources. Its list of services is clear and easy to follow. 


When it comes to being seen by a Doctor, Molina’s insurance plans are widely recognized and accepted in the medical facilities of the states they participate in.

The coverage they offer generally falls between the Medicare and Medicaid range depending on what state you are living in. California, for example, has its own state-specific version known as “Medical”. Molina also offers a dual option that includes both Medicare and Medicaid called Mediconnect. 

In addition to their medical plans, Molina also offers access to a large network of dentists and opticians as a part of their dental and vision plans. 

Molina has worked hard to make its website a great resource for their clients. For example, customers who enroll via the website can check their eligibility, the amount of benefit coverage they will receive, and which stage a claim is at if they have recently made one. 

All claims can easily be made online with the forms provided by download, it is also possible for Molina members to access their personnel file at any time should they need to go over their claim history. 


Since its humble beginnings in 80s California, Molina has positioned itself as a health insurer of the people. They have consistently offered insurance coverage at an affordable rate. The whole project was about fulfilling the need to offer something to the low-income families of the United States.

The Molina of today has become somewhat removed from its initial position. These days, they are a little bit higher on the pricing scale. However, Molina still provides a great economy option in their minimum plan. Their more intricate plans are also lower than average in price.

The fact that coverage is limited to 15 states does limit the reach of this company. Despite this, it represents a great option for health insurance for the people who do reside in the covered states. They provide a respected and extensive network of medical practitioners at a reasonable price.

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